Video Surveillance

A New Standard in Simplicity, Scalability, and Performance

  • Launch your next video surveillance project without worrying about traditional limitations of the underlying network. Resolve long camera re-convergence times, scalability restrictions, security concerns, and the labor-intensive process of provisioning IP services.
  • Realize the full potential of your equipment with a networking solution that really steps up to the demands of modern video surveillance applications. Our Video Surveillance, with its underlying Fabric Connect technology, provides a standards-based solution that supports the high levels of performance that quality video equipment is actually built to deliver.
  • Security at Your Fingertips

    • View your Cameras from Virtually Anywhere!
    • Protect Against Theft & Reduce Loss
    • Improve Employee Productivity & Safety
    • Capture Ultra Clear Images with HD Video
    • Easy Setup with Help from Our Experts!

Marketing &

Website Design and Corporate Blog, Online Marketing, Signage and Media

  • We realize digital marketing is just a component of a larger organism – your business. Our digital marketing plans are driven by our vision, seasonality shifts, understanding your most profitable business lines, and operational challenges.

  • Matel-Tech Systems provides Bespoke Website Design and Online Marketing services to help businesses improve their visibility online and acquire more customers.

  • We create well balanced, integrated digital programs that make sense for your entire business and work towards your ultimate, bottom line goals.

Vehicle Security
& Fleet Management.

why choose Matel-Tech Fleet trackers

  • What Makes Our Tracker the World’s Best Selling Tracker

    Selecting the correct tracker is difficult as most seem similar on the outside. Almost everyone can locate your device using GPS location and lets you set alarms for speeds, geofencing or motion detection. The reality however is that if you can’t receive messages from your device – or understand the locations your device is sending you, your tracking device is useless in that moment. When choosing a tracker to secure your assets or company fleet, make sure of the following:

    • Easy to Use in Your language
    • No Monthly Fees or Reliance on 3rd Parties
    • Reliability and Full Aftermarket Support
    • Free Fleet Management and Mobile Software
    • Easy to Understand Location Data That Beats Mapping Alone. 
    •  Accessible Anytime, Anywhere – Even When Offline


GPS tracking technology has come so far in the past few years. At GPS Vehicle Tracking System, our mandate is to keep on top of all the changing technology, so we can pass that knowledge to you – our valued customers. If you’re curious about GPS trackers, you’ve come to the right place. Not only do we offer fleet tracking and vehicle tracking options, but we also have an entire line of personal GPS tracking devices available. Our line of GPS tracking devices is extensive, but we’re happy to help you find the best option for any vehicle that you want to track.


Simple intelligent meeting rooms

Collaboration is the engine of innovation, meeting spaces are an organization’s engine room. Meeting spaces are more than rooms; they are venues for discussion, learning, sharing and change the interactions that propel organizations forward.

Today’s workforce is mobile, global, and connected. There is an increased need for workers to be able to collaborate from anywhere, and an increased expectation for organizations to provide accessibility. It’s essential for the modern meeting room to not only occupy a physical presence, but also a virtual one: one where collaborative technology can thrive.

Equipping your meeting spaces with unified communications (UC) not only makes your organization connected and accessible but enhances collaboration, allowing on-site and remote users to communicate, share and edit content for maximum productivity.

When considering a UC-enabled meeting space, ease of use and user experience is our priority. We prefer not to ask what you want in your work space, but rather how you would like to use the space, and explore how UC technologies can enable this. We balance the latest technology, integration techniques, and practical control methodologies to create the optimal, streamlined UC experience, and bring the meeting room to life.

As a Polycom Partner focused on communications, we are among the most experienced designers and integrators of Lync and Skype for Business powered meeting spaces. Our industry expertise and innovative approach makes us more than a supplier; we are a valued partner to hundreds of companies.

Contact us today on 08066316711 or to discuss how a UC solution could benefit your organization.